Carissa from People I've Loved


As a self-proclaimed stationary hoarder, I pride myself on having the perfect card for every occasion, which generally means I have about 5-10 People I've Loved cards stashed away. Their cards are not only unique, but capture a lot of comical minutiae that often goes unnoticed in relationships, which is why we HAD to have something from these clever printmakers. (Their cheeky dish towel is in The Couple). 

Meet Carissa Potter Carlson, one half of the dynamic duo behind People I've Loved.

1. What do you do to treat yourself?

OK, these days, I treat myself by living in the real world. I tell myself, I don't have to check my email for an hour I can just drink a cup of tea and read and that's enough. There is just something about sipping something with all that heat and savory smell in a nice mug. I also am on this kick of working out, to try to keep me sane. Afterwards, I treat myself to scrubs, handmade bath products, and oils that are relaxing and refreshing. I was really into lavender for a few weeks but then I ended up using it right before I went to bed and having dreams about a past love who used it. So now I am on to sage. 

2. What's the best gift you've ever gotten or given?

I don't know... Probably love? My partner showing up to things he said he couldn't, saying to me he lost his wedding vows and then finding them just in time for our one year anniversary. 

3. In your city of Oakland, where's your favorite spot to grab a bite to eat and why?

I really am into Boot & Shoe. I also love Dona Thomas. It's just really always good food. We get so spoiled here with good food in the Bay Area. I also love love love the Tea Leaf Salad at Burma Superstar. I cannot handle the line there all the time, but man, Josh and I fight over who gets to get that salad and most times we just both get our own because turns out we are bad at sharing even when we agree on what to order...

4. Which part of your card development process to you enjoy most and why?

I like coming up with the ideas. I think about them in the shower. This morning I was thinking about how you can see someone from your past and they look really good and/or are doing really great. There is this like direct connection to longing for the past but also joy of the present. Feelings are so complicated and beautiful. I just take so much delight in them. 

5. Tell us about a mistake you made when you were first starting People I've Loved (please!)

Well, let me tell you about yesterday, I wrapped all these towels up and they were all the wrong size until I was on the last one I noticed something was off... I make many mistakes each day. The main thing I feel like is just trying to put it into perspective, like is this really going to effect you in a year? Most likely no. So I just have to catch myself and move on...