What We're Doing

When I pictured Treated, it was more than just giving a gift or treating someone who did something awesome that one time. It was about giving a thoughtful gift. One that someone had put a lot of time into and one that someone (cough, me) agonized over for probably an unreasonable amount of time. And even beyond that, it was about supporting a community of people, many of who I've looked up to for years, and ensuring that their products and creations are known and loved.

I hope to use this blog section to showcase some of the truly lovely and talented people Delaney and I have met along the way, because they rock and their stories do too.

So when it's Father's Day and you'd rather die than give him yet another tie or when it's your best friend's birthday and you want to surprise her at work with something that's not crappy cupcakes from Safeway, we hope you'll ditch basic gifts and think of Treated!