Stuff We Make

A treat is inherently something that you don’t indulge in every day—it’s special and unusual. Which is exactly why we want our Treated boxes to feel unexpected and delightful; like everything inside was selected and packaged with a lot of care (because it was!).

This is why there’s a handwritten card in each of our boxes listing the contents and the makers behind them in each of our treats. Plus why we might just slip in a few “snail mail forever” stickers. And why we’ve designed recipe cards to accompany the bitters from Jack Rudy and truffle salt from The Filling Station in our boxes (and also because honestly we had no idea what to do with bitters the first time we got some).

All the things you give (or get!) in a Treated box should feel lovely, useful, and like a tiny surprise. We want to make sure those delicious jars are truffle salt aren’t going to sit in the back of a pantry with the neglected can of chicken noodle soup everyone keeps around “just in case” so we thought we’d include the tastiest uses for it. It’s a small way we’ve found to make our gift boxes that much more thoughtful.

Ultimately we tuck in recipe cards, write out content lists, and slip in pencils and stickers because it’s the icing on the cake. We don’t want you to be opening just a box of nice stuff, we want you to be opening a treat!