Sarah from Ellie Fun Day

One of my least favorite things in the world is crappy fabric. Lucky for us, Sarah Lin, founder of EllieFunDay, "delights in all things beautiful and dreams incessantly of a better world" -  which includes making some of the softest and loveliest baby hats and blankets ever! Today, in true Treated fashion, we chatted with Sarah about what she does to treat herself and asked a few questions about her booming company.

1. What do you do to treat yourself?

I'm constantly working at a fast pace, so any sort of break away from work is really a treat! There is a local Korean spa that I like going to for a good soak and a full body scrub (and when I mean FULL, every single crevice!). I feel like a newborn baby after it! 

2. What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten or given?

I'm a gift giver and LOVE curating JUST the right gift for someone. 

For my cousin's wedding, who are both writers/reporters for the Washington Post, I gifted them my first edition of Cyrano de Bergerac (their favorite book!) It was a leather case-bound book with letter pressed pages and full color illustrations. They loved it since it was not something from their registry and it was so meaningful to them.

3. In your city of San Francisco, what’s your favorite spot to grab a bite to eat and why?

San Francisco is so full of excellent restaurants! I tend to like hometown, non-froufy places. San Tung has the best dried fried chicken and dumplings. I also like The Progress for innovative and farm fresh food.

4. What is a mistake you made when you were starting Ellie Fun Day? What did you learn?

I think that coming from the graphic design world I was trained to make everything pixel perfect. So when I started designing our patterns and working on samples I expected it to be "pixel perfect". Which is pretty impossible in the manufacturing world. I learned to allow a margin. 

5. It sounds like it took a long time to find the right group to partner with in India. What were some of the factors you took into consideration when making that decision? What were you looking for?

I don't come from an apparel manufacturing background so I had to learn everything from scratch. I felt strongly about working with a sewing unit that believes in empowering the poor through a fair-wage and dignified employment. So much of our clothing is made unethically, so I really wanted to make sure that our products are made fairly. We are also committed to sourcing as much GOTS organic cotton as well for the very same reasons. Because we are such a small buyer, many of the larger mills won't even pay attention to us. But luckily we've found an amazing mill that believes in what we are trying to do that custom makes all of our fabric for us. 

6. Did you consider other countries or just India (why India)?

Our vision is definitely to expand outside of India. But we also believe in building good and strong partnerships for a long-term relationship which takes time.